Why should I register?

Basically you can use many functions without registration. Certain functions are linked to a user account. For example, as a logged in user, you can follow your favorite players. In order for us to be able to show you your favorites, we need a registration. In the future, even more features will follow that are only available to registered users.

How can I register?

Look at “Mehr” – under “Deine Nutzerdaten” you can log in or register. Simply fill out the registration form and wait for the e-mail with your personal activation link. Click on the link in the mail and your account is already active. Alternatively, you can also use the Facebook login. At the same time, Facebook will provide us with the following information: your gender, your first name and surname, your Facebook ID and your e-mail address stored on Facebook.

Are costs incurred when I register?

No, the use of TIVELA is absolutely free.

I forgot my access data. What now?

That happens to the best of us. Do you remember your e-mail address? Perfect. The e-mail address is your username, so you can under the link “Passwort vergessen” assign a new password. If you no longer know your email address, please contact support at support@tivela.com.

How can I change my password?

Go to “Mehr”. Under “Deine Nutzerdaten” you can change your personal data and enter a new password.

How can I change my user data?

Under “Mehr”, “Deine Nutzerdaten” you can change your personal data.

Can I also use TIVELA abroad?

You are greatly welcome. Of course you can also live outside of Germany and follow one of your favorite professional footballers and absorb all the news about them.

How can I delete my user account at TIVELA?

If you would like to have your TIVELA account deleted, please email us at support@tivela.com. We will promptly delete your user account and send you a short confirmation.

Who will help me if I have any further questions?

You have read the whole help page and still have a question? Feel free to send us an e-mail to support@tivela.com. We’ll take care of it promptly, we promise!

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